Community Service can change the lives of those serving and those being served.  Champions of Freedom helps facilitate a meaningful connection between those wanting to help and those needing help.

We have an ever growing network of supporters who direct and assist our volunteers in their region as our Local Volunteer Coordinators.  Our goal is to have a physical presence in every community across America.

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When our young men and women return home as veterans, they sometimes encounter our criminal justice system.  Too often the only choice available is senseless mass incarceration.  The judges would gladly order them into positive alternatives of sentencing, but the system rarely provides any viable options.

We have envisioned alternative social care designed for the unique needs of sentenced veterans.  We hope to expand this model beyond veteran care and to promote positive alternatives to incarceration as the wave of the future.  Our plan is to provide this Free4Good option to judges all across the nation.  Our demonstration facility is scheduled for Spring 2017.